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Natural water cremation

The vision of Resomation Ltd to utilize the technology as a commercial alternative to flame cremation and burial is relatively new. Resomation Ltd have been developing the Resomation process since 2007, working closely with clients such as UCLA, Anderson McQueen and Bradshaws Celebration of Life Center in USA and in close partnership with LBBC Technologies in Leeds, UK . LBBC are now the proud new owners of Resomation Ltd as of February 2016.


Web Design, Web Development


Leeds, UK

Live Website:

The challenge

Website redesign and development

The old website was old and clunky and something had to be done. Working with the great people from Spotlight Studios, we managed to come up with a design which not only aligns with the branding but also improves the whole experience of the user. The client required an updated membership area which needed to lead to a "hidden" part of the website.

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The result

New design, quick development

The website needed a quick turnaround with an effective outcome. By following the branding guidelines we managed to recreate Resomation's presence within the new website. The website was built in WordPress with the help of multiple plugins. The "hidden" member area of the website was powered by a cookie which stores the session after the click of an "Enter members area" button.

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