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Spotlight 360 Case Study - Vladislav Nikolov


360 Virtual Tours for Businesses

Spotlight 360 is a Spotlight Studios service which focuses on 360 photography and 360 virtual tours. Spotlight Studios are based in Manchester, Bradford and Bristol and focus on Web Design and Development, SEO Services, Web Hosting and many more services.


Web Design, Web Development, 360 Photography, Brading


Manchester, UK

Live Website:

The challenge

Be more than just a dot on the map

There are many perks of 360 photography and virtual tours. they can greatly aid your business in online lead generation and presence. The aim here was to show the benefits of the service to the clients so they can decide if it is suitable for their location and type of business. The Spotlight 360 project acts as an expansion of Spotlight Studios which will focus on small businesses.

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The result

If a picture says a thousand words, then a virtual tour is like a life experience!

The main objective was to showcase what Spotlight 360 aims to do. With multiple design feedback sessions, a final design system was decided on and we could move on with populating the content. The content had to be shown in an easy-to-read and easy-to-understand way which we have successfully achieved through enough white space, good graphics and mobile responsiveness. A case study page was also created in order to convince the client that Spotlight 360 already has experience with small and big projects. The contact page and call to action elements throughout the website make it easy for the potential customer to get in touch if desired. The homepage features a 360 spinning and interactive panorama of Spotlight Studios's office in Manchester which I stitched in. The Record Cafe virtual tour was entirely made me to help aid the case studies. New branding was needed for Spotlight 360 and we have decided on a final logo after multiple feedback sessions.

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