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The Record Cafe

The Record Cafe Case Study - Vladislav Nikolov


Bradford's award winning bar and cafe

The Record Cafe was opened in November 2014 by Bradfordian Keith Wildman after around 8 months of planning how to bring together great music, great food and great beer under one roof. To be somewhere we’re proud to own and work and hopefully somewhere Bradfordians and those from further afield would enjoy visiting. 


Web Design, Web Development, Videography, Photography, 360 Photography


Bradford, UK

Live Website:

The challenge

Content management system, easy record updating, and menus automation.

The project was a website redesign along with new systems integration. The client needed to easily upload new records and maintain the website along with it having a fresh new look. The menus were being maintained and updated on the "Untappd" platform. The cafe needed a new video to present to its potential customers alongside with new photos. A new booking system needed to be created which will get the customer's details and let the owner of the cafe that a record have been booked and ready to collect.

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The result

A combination of design, development, photography, and videography

Constant feedback from the client resulted in a solid design system which further enforced the development process of the website. The website is built in WordPress with the help of multiple plugins. The solution for the record uploading functionality came from a plugin which converts Excel sheets into dynamic content and uploads separate records alongside with all of their details and imagery. As for the menu, it is wired up with the Untappd API and will update automatically every hour so when the client changes the menu in the Untappd app, it changes on the website as well. Time efficiency! The booking system works as a contact form which notifies the owner of the cafe so he can prepare the record for collection.

I am not a professional photographer and videographer but decided to give this a go, and it turned out pretty good in the end. The video shooting consisted of 3 days of continuous shooting in different time spans. The 360 virtual tour was done in one day and then stitched up in order to be compatible with websites. I must admit, the whole experience was really enjoyable and rewarding!

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